IEDD Manual Techniques


IEDD Manual Techniques Syllabus

  • Expert Advisor & Master Technician

    As an Expert Advisor or Master Technician in the field of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), one is acutely aware that the realm of manual neutralization techniques for Improvised Explosive Device Defeat (IEDD) represents the zenith of complexity and challenge within the discipline.

    Those who operate at this level confront the highest echelons of threat and are required to master the most demanding skill sets. They must navigate an intricate landscape, where precision, knowledge, and unwavering nerve intersect to ensure safety and success.

    Mastery in this domain is not just about technical prowess; it's about an enduring commitment to excellence in the face of ever-evolving threats.

  • Skills, Knowledge and Methodology Qualifications and Outcomes

    The focus is on imparting basic manual techniques for IED neutralization, tailored for situations where national authorities lack advanced skills in this domain. Experts and trusted organizations will serve as an advisory and support mechanism, enhancing on-ground safety and effectiveness during Category A incidents.

    This approach aims to bridge the gap in expertise and resources, ensuring a collaborative effort in managing IED threats.

    It is crucial to emphasize that such activities should only be undertaken by individuals with appropriate training and under specific circumstances where professional bomb disposal units are not available.

    Regular updates and revisions of the skillset are essential to keep up with the evolving nature of IED threats.

  • Eligibility...

    ...for the esteemed position of Master Technician in Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) demands a profound depth of competencies, skill sets, and knowledge. These qualifications must surpass the conventional scope of IEDD operations, encapsulating a comprehensive understanding of advanced Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).

    Aspirants are required to demonstrate exceptional acumen and a proven adeptness through rigorous evaluation, distinguishing themselves as masters within the sphere of IEDD.

  • Course Duration

    MT Technician 4 weeks
    (20 days)
  • Target Audience

    IMAS EOD Level 3(3+) / IEDD Level 3(3+) Field Technicians, Military and Police EOD Specialists with a proven track record both in service and education.

Expert Advisor & Master Technician

Curriculum Overview
  1. Understand Common Terrorist IED Electronic Circuits – Circuit, component functions & electricity knowledge
  2. Form a Threat Assessment and formulate a RSP
  3. Manually Stabilise the IED
  4. Conduct external diagnostics of an IED
  5. Gain manual access into an IED
  6. Conduct manual internal diagnostics of an IED
  7. Manually Neutralise or defeat the IED

Please note that the content provided herein pertains to specialized and sensitive subject matter involving the manual neutralization of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Due to the delicate nature of this content and the inherent risks associated with IED neutralization, access to detailed procedures, techniques, and training materials is strictly controlled.

Full course credentials, detailed guides, and comprehensive training materials are available only upon a formal request. This request must be accompanied by verifiable credentials and a clear demonstration of the requisite background, need, and authority to engage in such activities.

Our organization reserves the right to conduct thorough vetting processes to ensure that this sensitive information is disseminated responsibly and only to qualified individuals or entities. This measure is crucial for maintaining safety, security, and compliance with international laws and ethical standards governing such practices.